Free access for all to WIA TV!


Transcultural artists will be using our channel to express their improvisions in music and dance, as well as in relation with other arts.


WIA TV´s original programs will include live streaming of concerts & festivals, replay of events, coverage of yearly World Improvisioinal Music Day, Improvision Music Awards, music & dance films, documentaries, unique videos from improvisational artists worldwide, interviews & news.WIA TV´s main recording studio is at the legendary Meistersaal in Berlin. 


The state of art sound recording equipments of Emil Berliner Studios are connected with the Meistersaal, thus enabling us to even propose Direct to Disc vinyl productions of our musical events! We have furthermore the honour of having the Grammy Award winning producer and sound engineer Rainer Maillard conducting our recordings.


Renown Berlin based filmmakers will be directing the video productions of the concerts, studio recordings and live streaming events. 


Once a season as of Spring 2019, Berlin Improvisions UG, the producer of WIA TV, will be organising festivals  in Berlin, and events in major cities. Full coverage of the festivals will be one of the main focuses of our programs.


Other live streaming events such as the coverage of yearly World Improvisional Music Day, Happenings, International Improvision Awards will open doors to ever surprising journeys around the world. Transcultural artists will be further providing us their exclusive creations which you can discover in our programs or in replay.


Documentaries on past and present master improvisers will give opportunities to discover the secrets of this almost forgotten art form since 200 years especially among classical musicians & audiences in the West. 


Samson Marzbani, the initiator and director of this web-channel, is a transcultural pianist improvisioner based in Berlin, teaming up with audio-visual professionals to inaugurate WIA TV on 18th November 2018. Farhad Khoshkhou is WIA TV's executive producer.

Samson Marzbani                                    Farhad Khoshkhou